The Birth of a World

by Ursula Williams

Long ago, there was nothing separating the Heavens from the Earth. The gods and goddesses mingled as they wished amongst the humans and other mortal creatures.
They took it upon themselves to shape the human’s destiny, as they believed this was their right. They destroyed many things, and occasionally created. There was a particularly narcissistic, young god who is at the center of the story. The young god decided that he wanted to destroy the heart of a maiden. However, not any maiden would do, for he believed that he deserved the best the Earth had to offer, even if he meant to destroy it. So he searched for the most beautiful girl around. And after a short search he found her, her skin was soft and flawless and her hair was the color of pure starlight. He disguised himself as a blacksmith’s apprentice and began to woo her. He visited her often, during the day sometimes, but often times during the night. He seduced her: body, mind, and soul.
He was cautious to keep her; he waited a long while before he deemed that she was in love with him. He waited until she had become entirely devoted to him. Once he was sure of this, he revealed his godly status. She was heart-broken, for it was a well-known fact that gods and mortals could never be together. He left her grief-stricken as he returned to the Heaven unscathed. Through the young maiden’s grief, she had a moment of clarity. Life meant nothing to her without her beloved, so she could take her own life. She could ascend to the Heavens, and then they could be together.  Immediately she threw herself from a cliff, unable to stand the distance between them any longer.
But suicide does something nasty to one’s soul. It morphs and mutilates even the most beautiful beings. It creates a twisted, disgusting, toxic creature out of them. The once gorgeous maiden was now forever foul. As she walked through the Heavens she was shunned by everyone who saw her. Still, with love in her mangled heart, she persisted on. She looked for him, sure that he’d still accept her, even in this form. At last, she found him.
   She approached him cautiously, and loudly professed what she had done, what she had sacrificed for their love. She told him of her deep love for him. He looked upon her hideous, mangled form and he laughed. He scorned her and ridiculed her for believing in such frivolous things as love. Especially for believing that he could love such a repulsive creature. She could only stare at him in mute horror as he broke her heart once more. She would not stay silent any longer, however.
She opened her mouth and she screamed. She screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed! The Heavens shook and the Earth crumbled with the sheer force of her raw emotions, with the force of her uncensored pain. The god before her trembled and begged for her silence, for the very universe itself was coming apart at the seams. She refused.
It was there, between the Heavens and Earth that the rip appeared. A rip that started small and unseen that gradually tore bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until it spanned the entire space between the two worlds. With this, she finally fell silent.
She declared that this rip would be a new world. A world where a person’s true nature would always come to light. A world of shattered souls. She decreed that this world would be a barrier between the Heavens and the Earth that no longer would the immortals be able to interfere with the lives on Earth. With this, she locked herself away in gilded tower, high in her new barren land. It is said that it is there she still stays, keeping a watchful eye on the Heavens. None know if this is true, for none have seen her, and the only way to her world is death.
Thus was the birth of a world that has become the lifeblood of the universe. Thus was the birth of Evermore.