The Lightbulb and the Battery

by Shane Embury

Copper wires connected the system.
A lightbulb on one end,
A low-voltage battery on the other.
The lightbulb glowed a pale yellow,
Given life by the battery on the other end.
Energy coursed through the wires.
The lightbulb flickered,
And began to emit a brighter yellow,
A stronger yellow,
A more powerful yellow brilliance.
The room was illuminated with vibrant light.
The battery released massive amounts of energy,
And without warning,
The exchange became violent.
Energy was sucked from the battery.
The lightbulb became greedy,
Starved for the flow of energy,
Determined to release a light strong enough
To rival the sun’s.
The battery had little more to give,
And the lightbulb took all of it.
With one last electric current running through the copper wire,
The lightbulb exploded.
Glass shattered,
Tiny shards sprinkled all over the system.
The light vanished.
Where the lightbulb once cast a yellow glow,
Nothing remained.
Nothing but a lifeless battery
With nothing left in it
But an unshakable fear of whatever lightbulb came next.

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