Long Island Blue

by Aubrey Keller

Blue are her eyes, perpetually laughing in the Sun.  Its celestial body will outlive us all, despite the deceptive feel of infinity in my cousin, Daisys, joy.  Contrary are her words- notice taken of the stillness of late summer days and of her life of confinement.  For a fleeting moment, her own blue sparkled, given hope of adventures like in fairy tales shed been intrigued by as a child.  Now, that moment has ended.
Blue sky is still above us as the blood of her knight, her beacon of hope, mixes with the shallow, controlled ripples of water he had meant to enjoy.  Or perhaps hed meant to drown by a means that resembled his tears.  Sorrows over a life that was once attainable but now has no way to exist, though it has all components to be sustained.
Blue, orange, and pink were once colors of the lights shining upon my neighbors garden on Saturday nights when he was surrounded by a calculated mix of strangers.  And now, the uninvited, colorful guests are replaced by bleak, uninvited ill fate.  Only blue remains, and in blue we shall dwell as long as we linger among the islands thieving ways

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